Major Services

We offer the following services:


Full- Truck Load (FTL)

  • Recommended for large and heavy loads
  • Dedicated to a single load or, in other words, to a single customer.
  • Transport of goods that fill up a full truck, or a partial load shipment occupying an entire truck.

Regular Cargo Handling

Packages that are not labeled as urgent. It takes 3 days or more to deliver the cargo to recipients. All types of cargo are accepted in this type of service.


Express Cargo

  • Express Package delivery service to the recipient labelled as 'Urgent'
  • Delivery of product samples, classified as dangerous/fragile goods
  • Special conditions of shipping (maintenance of temperature etc.)
  • Products that are acceptable on this Service are Medicines, RTWs, Frozen goods, Bakery products, Auto/Truck parts, personal effects and other goods that needs special attention.


quickly and safely deliver the documents commissioned by the users from the sender to the recipients.